Intro to Ceramics

I am currently taking an intro ceramics class at my JC!

I want to both share some of the things I have done so far in this class as well as keep track of my progress. The bowl, sculptural piece (obv),  and wood grain textured cup are all hand-built. The sculptural piece is inspired by my trips to Deep Creek. The tumblers are some of the first cylinders I’ve pulled using a wheel. Some of these pieces have since been trimmed and or been glazed. I will try to better follow the progression of my pieces pictorially moving forward. Feel free to ask questions as always. I will probably put some pieces up for sale at the end of the semester.

Here is what my first three graded pieces came out looking like! I am incredibly pleased with the results.

  • Wood cup: Iron oxide wash with brushed shino
  • Japanese style tea bowl: Dipped eggshell with copper blush
  • Rock sculpture: Dipped shino with brushed clear blue

Here are the rest of the pieces I worked on during this class. I really hope to be able to continue my ceramics education in the not-so-distant future.