Community Garden

Hannah and I now have a plot at our local community garden!

Since we’ve run out of space at home we decided to get a plot at our local community garden several months ago. Each raised bed garden plot is roughly 4’x12′ and the garden is focused on being completely organic. The garden is also incredibly affordable. I think we paid between $40-50 for the entire year. One of the coolest things about the garden is that it donates 10% of its produce to a local food bank! In the months since first getting the bed I have come to be the garden’s all around handyman as well as irrigation maintainer and controller.
The first thing we did after I reworked our bed’s irrigation was amend our bed with some of our favorite amendments. (alfalfa meal, vermicompost, coco coir, and rice hulls) Following our initial efforts we kind of slacked off and came back to seven or eight ready-to-pull heads of lettuce and a bunch of weeds. We have since weeded, pulled the lettuce, and planted tomatoes, peppers, chives, cucumbers, pie pumpkins, and cabbage!
My latest project at the garden is to implement and maintain a productive  vermicomposting system. I will build and post plans soon for a nice worm tower bucket system that is easily scalable and can be put together for under $20.