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Brew Day: Saison – Batch 1

This is our first brew day! We were testing out our new shared BIAB setup with a Saison recipe I’m working out for eventual BJPC competition.

Everything more or less went according to plan as far as first brew day’s go. We had a little bit of trouble getting our mash temperature stable for the duration of the mash and had to relight the kettle to keep the temperature in the right range but otherwise our equipment worked as it should. The beer didn’t quite turn out how I had hoped but that was due to a simple error. We boiled off too much of the wort without realizing it and concentrated it to the point we missed the style completely. It turned out more like a Belgian strong ale than a saison but it was still very good. We also over carbonated some of the bottles by not knowing we needed to dissolve the priming sugar in water (facepalm) before bulk priming. I will have to revisit this recipe now that we have a few brews under our belts and know what to expect from our system. Once I have the recipe worked out I will definitely share it! I will also post our equipment list in the next brew day post.