London, England: Day 3

Today we went to Hyde park to see Kensington Palace as well as check out the British Museum of Natural History before the girls went to go see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet.

Hannah and I got a late start and met her mother and sister in Hyde park after sitting and having breakfast at a kiosk adjacent Princess Diana Memorial playground. We had a chance to see the gardens outside of Kensington Palace on our way to the British Museum of Natural History however the courtyard was being replanted for winter. The British Museum, is a wonderful attraction and its free. One could spend days there. I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t stay longer but the girls had a different timeline in mind than I did because they had a play to get to. We found ourselves at a really nice restaurant called Scoff and Banter for a quick bite after the museum. It is located in the lobby of what looked like a really nice boutique hotel. I was able to stay longer and enjoy my meal but the others literally ran to get to the play on-time. After eating, I went back to the hotel to go through pictures and took a surprise nap in the process. Luckily I woke up just in time to catch a train to meet the girls outside of the Barbican Theater. Of course they were all very hungry because they hadn’t eaten well earlier so off we went in search of a restaurant. Unfortunately it was getting late and there weren’t very many places open where we were. Luckily on our way back we discovered ShakeShuka, a Palestinian/Lebanese restaurant that was just starting to pull in their chairs. Thankfully they were sympathetic to our hungry faces and let us get take-out. The food was absolutely delicious and thoroughly satisfying.

Places: Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, British Museum of Natural History, Scoff and Banter, Barbican Theater, ShakeShuka