Garden Update: Winter Harvest

We’ve had an incredible first harvest! The garden produced wonderfully.

All of our plants grew very well this season. We have nearly cleared out our mature broccoli sadly. We do however have a few more young plants in the garden from a second planting that I am excited about. Truthfully it is some of the most delicious broccoli I have ever tasted and I am a broccoli fiend so that is really saying something. In addition to the broccoli we have several more cabbages to harvest. They have also been incredibly tasty. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the last few that we prepared. To our surprise, our initially sickly cilantro has taken off after having been transplanted. We thought for sure that they were going to die but we now have a very healthy patch in the corner of our garden that is destined to adorn many tacos and bowls of soup. Even our sickly sunburned peas have come back despite the abuse they took earlier in the season. They are flowering now and have a few pods on each plant. My favorite items in the garden this season have been spinach and butter lettuce. It’s just great to be able to walk out into the garden every other week or so and harvest enough to make a salad big enough to feed our household.