Japan: Day 4

We left our hotel this morning for Osaka. We first went to Dotonbori which is a very tourist oriented outdoor shopping mall.

It had tons of small boutiques selling what ever clothing style was popular with the youth that month. After having walked for a bit through the busy streets Lucas began to grow impatient and needed to make a game plan to ease his nerves. We decide to head to a nearby train station and go to the visitors center to figure out what what was available to us. As we walked into the visitors center we were greeted by a cheerful young woman who asked us what it was she could help us with in a light hearted tone. We explained that we didn’t know what was good to do in Osaka and that we were on vacation. She immediately brought out a visitors special for the Osaka Aquarium [Kaiyukan], a day subway pass, and a pamphlet and map of the top things to do in Osaka. It was immediately apparent that Lucas found contentment in knowing what we’d be doing for the rest of the day. We promptly paid, thanked Lucas’s savior, and started on our way to the aquarium. It was just a short ride away to the coast. The outside of the aquarium was adorned with a tile mosaic and a large metal sculpture, both having to do with sea life. As we entered the exhibits it was pretty clear that the aquarium was a key date spot and place for girls to go. At every other exhibit I could hear girls giggling and screaming about how cool or cute the animals were. I really enjoyed my time at the aquarium just as I do back home at the aquarium of the pacific. They had some beautiful sea life that probably isn’t legal to have back in the US even for the sake of preservation or education. Before we left, a small shop attached to the aquarium caught my eye. I gave in an had a chocolate ice cream cone. To my surprise the ice cream was delicious. There was a giant ferris wheel outside of the aquarium that we unfortunately choose not to ride. It looked like a lot of fun but not something that would be fun for two guys to do together at dusk. On our way back to the train station we decided to catch the sunset atop the Floating Garden Observatory. The view was absolutely gorgeous. It is probably one of the most breath taking views I’ve seen in my entire life. The observatory roof was lined with both photographers and romantics looking to capture a beautiful moment in time.

Places: Dotonbori, Floating Garden, Osaka, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel