Small DIY Grow Cabinet

Finally happy with the  grow cabinet of my dreams.


  • 150w HPS Lamp w/ Remote Ballast
  • 6″ HydroFarm CoolTube
  • 6″ CanFan/Filter Combo
  • 6″ Phresh Intake Filter
  • Heat Mat w/ Digital Controller and Probe
  • Timed Lighting
  • Air Tight
  • Wheels
  • Adjustable Light Rail
  • Adjustable Shelving

This is the grow cabinet that we germinate our seeds in. It has been a work in progress for about a year now. I put the finishing touches on it about a week ago. The only things left to do is to put in a wireless temperature/humidity logger. I am pretty much in love with this cabinet. It just works and works really well. It’s a little noisy but not horrible and maintains great temperature and humidity. It’s built from 3/4″ plywood and is on 2″ casters so it is easy to wheel around. We are always germinating and propagating for our ever expanding garden so it’s great to have a dedicated area for our plant babies. The carbon exhaust filter really helps with smelly plants like tomatoes. We had sixteen or so 6″ tall tomato and pepper plants in the cabinet  earlier this year and you couldn’t smell a thing in the house but if you opened the door you would be greeted with a pretty powerful odor. The rail for the lighting is actually cannibalized strip lighting rail. I pulled out the copper tracks and slipped in a washer with a hole drilled in it. That way I could put an S-hook in the washer and move the light side to side as well as use different kinds of lights and fixtures if I want to. I also put in adjustable shelving rails to possibly have two levels in the cabinet. This would only be feasible with fluorescent fixtures but I wanted the cabinet to be as versatile as possible. We have yet to have an issue with bugs or mold on our seedling cups which I attribute to the filtration and constant flow of air through the cabinet. Our seedlings are also never leggy now due to the high light intensity.