Hacking Horticulture

DIY Aeroponic Bucket Propagator

I was curious about aeroponics so I went ahead and built a small propagator to play with.


  • 2 Gal HDPE Bucket w/ Lid
  • 8 2″ Net Cups
  • 8 2″ Neoprene Collars
  • 250GPH Submersible Pump
  • 1/2″ to 3/4″ GH PVC Nipple
  • Dramm 12344 Heavy-Duty Brass Fogg-It Nozzle, Fine


  • Drill
  • 1 7/8″ Hole Saw
  • Dremel w/ Cutting Wheel
  • Sandpaper

The build was fairly straight forward. The sprayer is 3/4″ so a nipple is needed to connect it to the pump but I found what I needed within seconds of entering the plumbing section at Lowes.  I did need to smooth the holes with sandpaper and cut away a bit of both the lid and bucket with a dremel but the build was quick. I think it took maybe ten minutes total to put together. Only time will tell whether or not we get better results than just sticking the cuttings into water. I will post an update with the results of the hop and peach tree cuttings we put into it several days ago.
Update: July 18, 2017
Unfortunately the peach cutting started to decay fairly quickly. The hop cuttings did just about as well as if the propagules had just been stuck in water (60% success). The main problem I had with this system was keeping the temperature of the water down. The pump heated the water in the reservoir much more quickly than I had imagined it would which bred funky smelling bacteria. I want to try this propagator again using auxin-treated propagules and a very low concentration of sodium hypochlorite in the reservoir.